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Chiltern Tri claims the top 4

On Sunday 24th September 2017 four teams from chiltern tri triathlon club entered VOTWO Eton Dorney team sprint triathlon consisting of 750m open water swim, 19.2km bike and 5km run.

Each team member (three in a team) competed in one of the three elements swim/bike/run as a relay. The club entered four teams into the event as a club social nearing the end of the tri season for fun. The teams were a mix of males and females aged 18 years up.

Chiltern tri owned the leader board taking first, second, third, fourth place! It was a very successful day with one of our swimmers Jon Eames (chiltern tri 2, Jon Eames/Jane Saycell/Phillip Walker) owning the lake and exiting the water 1st in a speedy 09min41secs! However that lead was short lived after Simon Halley (chiltern tri 4, Simon Halley/Graham Larson/Holly Hine) brought his bike home in 34:02 allowing Holly Hine to enter out onto the run first and all alone. Unfortunately chiltern tri 4's podium position was brought to an abrupt halt when chiltern tri team 1 member (Emma walker/Helen Ellis-Jones/Chris Gloster) Chris Gloster ran a speedy 18.21 5k time overtaking Holly in the last few hundred metres leaving chiltern tri 4 in second place, missing out on 1st place by 45 seconds. Keeping the leader board consistent team Chiltern tri 3 Jonathon Stoddern/Heather Larson/Lorne McCalla finished third overall. Everyone had a great day, great teamwork, amazing camaraderie and fantastic support from fellow members on the course, what more could you want? The day was finished off with a well deserved meal at a local pub.

Emma, Chris and Helen

Emma, Chris and Helen

Simon, Holly and Graham

Heather, Jonathan and Lorne

Phil, Jane and Jon

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