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Winter (2022/23) is coming!

Ok, I might be a bit slow on the Game of Thrones uptake, but, Winter has only just arrived for me!

Hopefully the unusually warm autumn weather has enabled everyone to enjoying being out and about for the time being and delayed the fair weather cyclists retreating indoors quite yet!?!

As this winter does approach, I hope you are thinking about your training schedule and have already started thinking about entering some events and challenges next year? As the nights draw in, don't forget about Wednesday and Thursday night swim sessions with Chiltern Tri. These are fantastic for training over the winter and building up the base fitness ready for the spring again. The sessions are great for when motivation is low and the dark nights cold - a ready made training swim with friends to help keep you going, what could be better?!

Our club numbers have been down post COVID, so plenty of space in the pool for all. Current members, don't forget to try and book ahead, very simple through the web site, and for anyone thinking of joining us, drop me a line through the web site so we can arrange your free taster swim session!

We are still unable to accommodate group run and bike training, but for members looking for a training partner please post on the Chiltern Tri Facebook group to try and find one!

Please get in touch with any club news, your race/event plans for 2023 or any questions, I look forward to hearing from you!

Emma W


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