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Swim – Run weekend

In June 2017, the annual club trip saw 12 members head to Llanberis, Wales for a long weekend.

The choice of location was due not only to the beautiful countryside, lake and quarry, but chosen so that five of the club members could take part in the LOVESWIMRUN event being held for its second year.

The event was open to both pairs and single entries, and Chiltern Tri entered both categories.

We had a bright but cool morning to prepare and faff with kit prior to the race, each competitor selecting a different combination of hand paddles, pull buoy and tie rope; some more practiced than others!

The race started with a good length run to the first swim where competitors either gingerly dropped - or splashed and crashed - into the water for their first dip. This was followed by a slippery climb out and steep run, climbing up through the woods. The course wove its way around and across the beautiful but cool lake, and up and around the quarried banks. Challenging, but with a total of 12.5km running and 3.5km of swimming, not too long. All Chiltern Tri competitors finished well under the 3 hour mark, just in time for lunch! We would recommend practicing if you are going to tie yourselves together with a rope!

Team dinner was followed by some of the group attending the “rock” festival which happened to be on in the village, although the music was eclectic…

On Sunday some started the morning with a dip in the lake before we headed on a hike up Mt Snowdon. The day started out beautifully, but by the time we hit the top, the clouds had closed in and some chose to take the train down!

Not to forget the cycling, some bought their bikes along and made it out for a ride round the local roads too.

All in all, a busy weekend of activity; swimming, running, cycling, hiking, and socialising in a beautiful part of Wales!

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