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Mallorca 70.3

In 2016, a couple of club members entered Mallorca 70.3 and opened the idea to the rest of the club.

Before we knew it, 25 club members had signed up!!

It was incredible motivation for everyone to have so many people to train with throughout the winter, the full pool lanes pushing everyone to new levels. We had both experienced long distance triathletes and complete novices signed up and everyone busy talking tips, tactics and travel arrangements!

Everyone pulled themselves through the cold winter thinking of the warm sea and sun waiting for them in Mallorca. Beautiful sunny photos gilding the website for the race – the sun cream was packed! What wasn’t packed were the rain jackets and thermals…but who needed those?

We gathered our numbers the evening before the race and the scale of the event began to sink in – the transition area was enormous. Everyone went to bed that night a bit nervous, not least because the rain had set in a THUNDERSTORM was on the way! We didn’t sign up for that! A sleepless night was ahead listening to the thunder and rain.

The morning was thankfully calm, but not warm and there was a scramble for rain jackets for the cycle. The rolling swim start was brilliant, so no one too overwhelmed by thrashing arms however we were visited by a swarm of JELLIES out deep, not many emerged un-stung…the bike was tough and cold but meant everyone got to the run keen – if only to warm up!

Despite all this, what a great race - everyone was thrilled to have been part of such a challenge and get to the end for a big meal and a celebratory beer, even our travelling supporters!

Everyone is still to decide where the next big club event will be….suggestions welcome!

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